Perspective : Easy 3D programming with WPF
Through this tutorial, learn how to build easily 3D models based on geometrical shapes with the Perspective (Wpf3D) library.

Perspective : 3D printing for WPF
How to make real objects using WPF, Perspective and a 3D printer.

3D matrices in WPF and Silverlight
Presentation of the 3D matrix transformations in WPF and Silverlight.

Perspective : relative WPF 3D transforms
Présentation of the RelativeTransformer class from the Perspective library.

Perspective : 3D skinnable controls
Usage and architecture of the Perspective 3D controls.

Animating a Perspective model
Learn how to animate a Perspective 3D model.

Getting and installing Perspective
Learn how to get and install the Perspective library.

Perspective License
Perspective licensing information.